Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Family

I came across this video and decided to embed onto my blog because it shows the family relations when a loved one is working overseas. There were quite a bunch of videos on YouTube, but many were hard to understand because of the language barrier. This video is in Tagalog, but has the English translation. The telephone and Internet is one way of families communicating. Usually my mom would buy a pre-paid phone card and call our relatives about once or twice a month, sometimes more when there is a birthday in the family.

Families really do benefit when a loved one is working overseas. The sacrifice of being away can be hard on both parties. Birthdays missed, holidays not celebrated together, the lack of ability to be there physically. The money earned helps the family. They are able to have food at the table, afford the goods of life and in the case of the family in the video, save up for higher education.

Fortunately for this family, there is a happy ending. The father is able to return back home because he felt that he has saved enough for the family to be able to survive and even has money to send his son to college. His wife talks about working back home in the Philippines because the conditions are better for them too. I would imagine the five years away was a not easy just because he had family that worried for his health and safety and when I was watching the video for the first time, I wasn’t sure how it would end. There where shakey grounds, like when the son had to go to the hospital but the family ensured that everything will be okay.

In a culture where family is definitely something valued, the homecoming can be something very emotional and good. For the last post of the semester, I thought that I’d end in a happier note because even though there are many injustices and human rights violations happening to overseas workers, there are happy endings. On that note, don’t work in Kuwait.


Frankie said...

Again, I feel that you have done a good job with your blog. The video clip that you have embedded ends on a positive note, but, unfortunately, it's not typical of the situations of overseas Filipino/Filipina workers. I do, however, appreciate that you ended the semester on a positive note.

teegee said...

living away with your loved one is really hard.

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ilovecheapcalls said...

This is one of the biggest sacrifice of working abroad... the separation of the Filipino. Tools of communication are greatly needed and should be used on a very regular basis... Mabuhay ang Filipino!

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